Basic Super 8


No previous experience is necessary!
Technically Super 8/ Everything to know about using a Super 8 camera

An introduction to photochemical filmmaking, this workshop will teach you all you need to know about the technical aspects of Super 8 cameras, from understanding the camera to selecting film stocks and finally the art of shooting.

You'll explore some key creative features of the Super 8 format and the standard operation: how to load the camera and how to expose film correctly. You'll have dedicated time for shooting, collaborating with another participant to shoot one roll of Black and White Super 8mm film stock (approximately 2.5 minutes).

You'll receive a digital copy of your film processed by Erehwon Lab. With your group and facilitators you will schedule an online feedback session where all together we watch and provide feedback on your Super 8 films.

This session will satisfy the requirement for 'previous experience' needed for you to hire equipment in Super8 format.

During the workshop, you will learn:
• How to operate a Super 8 camera
• Film formats and stocks
• Camera basics - lenses, exposure, aperture, frames per second, and more
• Camera effects and experimental techniques

The workshop fee includes the cost of 50ft of film stock and the cost of development and digitisation,

Image: Bediah

The 12 May session is from 11a - 12:30p. !