not/nowhere workshops, events, exhibitions and screenings are open to everyone. Those who are in community n/n can hire equipment, use our limited lab facilities and receive free entry to screenings. n/n members have access to free use of equipment and the limited lab as well as support mounting projects that fall within the remit of our mission.

If you would like to work (paid) with not/nowhere, please check the newsletter for any upcoming work needed. A system for time-swap labour is coming soon.


not/nowhere’s current office is located in Homerton, London.

46c Brooksby's Walk
London E9 6DA

There is step-free access from the street to our office, and the toilets in our building are gender-neutral, single occupancy and wheelchair accessible.

Community n/n

Take our workshops and get involved through community n/n, our lab subscription programme.

A community n/n subscription supports the work that we do at not/nowhere by helping us to maintain the lab and support new programmes. not/nowhere's subscription is open to anyone who wants to get involved. We are particularly invested in artists of colour being able to access analogue moving image practices and we want to bring anyone and everyone together to create, curate and respond to moving image practices.

Why not give a subscription as a gift for your filmmaker friend?

The £15 subscription fee amounts to less than an hour of labour in the cooperative—
(our flat rate is £25/hour for all workers). Your subscription supports us as a community, and also facilitates its holder to rent our equipment, use our facilities and attend (or receive by email/post!) programming.

Lab subscription costs £15 (plus postage) per year for:

Is £15 cost prohibitive for you in your current situation? Email us for a discount code. Opportunities for persons to join community n/n through non-monetary exchange will be suggested soon.

Community n/n subscribers can become voting members of the cooperative once they meet the requirements of membership.

Co-operative Membership

An artist or freelance cultural worker can become a director-member of not/nowhere only by unanimous vote into the cooperative by current members AND by having completed 200 hours of work with the cooperative.

If joining the cooperative to fulfill a film lab-related role (16mm, 8mm, etc), these 200 hours must include at least 2 workshops, but there is no lower limit to how many worked hours need to have been from workshops. For example - if a person has worked 200 hours with the cooperative, including two workshops of 1 hour and 198 admin hours, that person is eligible for membership.

We do not currently have available work, but those interested in working with the cooperative should email and let us know what you skills you would like to share with us.