Direct Animation on 16mm Film


This is a 2 day workshop with artist, writer and biologist Leena Habiballa and filmmaker Ibrahim Kargbo.

DAY ONE 11a-4p: You will experiment with a range of pen and brush based techniques to create striking and impactful images on film - all without a camera. As part of the day we will watch and discuss historical and contemporary moving image works that make use of direct animation techniques, we will work with clear film, black leader and found footage through drawing, scratching, and collage, using pens, inks, DIY tools and organic materials.

DAY TWO 12p-2p: You will experiment with a range of kinetic and situated techniques to create visual image on film which are co-created wither with your own performative moments or with our natural ecosystem (trees, soil, bodies of water!). You will also learn to splice your film together and load it onto a 16mm projector.

The results on both days will be projected back for an end of of session screening and discussion. A digitised version of the footage will be sent to each member of the group.

These sessions are perfect for complete beginners as well as artists and makers with prior knowledge looking to experiment with new ways of working or to open up an existing process to group input.


Facilitated by Leena Habiballa, Ibrahim Kargbo

Sat 11 May
Sat 25 May

Price: £100

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