Basic Bolex H16 B&W


We’ll learn about the camera, the medium of film, and ways which 16mm filmmakers have registered notations or used the camera for notetaking. Participants will work in pairs using one of the working methods presented and try to raise questions as to what the form of a note can be.

Participants will work in pairs. Each pair will work together on one roll of 100ft film, which lasts around 2 and a half minutes. After the workshop, films will be developed, scanned and sent to each participants.

The course is open to all levels of experience, but the course caters more to beginners. Even if you haven’t held a camera before we encourage you to apply. We can provide drinks and snacks during the workshop, but please bring your own lunch.

Daniel Owusu’s work as an artist and researcher consists mainly of moving images, drawing and installations. His work investigates how rituals and gestures can be a form of memorialisation, and forgetting. Also central to his practice is the work of interpreting the evolution and manipulation of material culture over time.

During the workshop, you will learn:
• How to operate a Bolex H16
• Metering and exposure
• Frame rate, shutter speed and their effect on movement cadence and exposure
• Optics and the effect of f-stop on the depth of field and exposure


This workshop fufills the requirement for "previous experience" in order to hire a Bolex H-16 camera from our lab.

The workshop fee includes the cost of 50ft of film stock and the cost of development and digitisation, which will be sent back to you after it has been processed.

Image: Daniel Onwusu