Aaton LTR


You will have a hands-on opportunity to learn the technical aspects of this camera. The Aaton LTR is a super 16mm camera that is great for on set sound recording, due it’s quiet nature. In this workshop you will study the basic operations of the LTR, loading coaxial 400ft mags, exposure suggestions and instructions on sending your film to the lab. Each participant will have the chance to shoot 100ft of film with their peers, alongside demonstrations of using a clapperboard. This introductory workshop will encourage skills in larger format film cameras as the knowledge can be applied to multiple super 16mm cameras.

Participants will shoot a 400ft roll of Kodak colour negative film on location, working as a small crew to experience the use of the camera in the field.

All rushes shot will be post synced with sound and be available for viewing online after the workshop.


This workshop fufills the requirement for "previous experience" in order to hire the Aaton LTR camera from our lab.

The workshop fee includes the cost of 100ft of film stock and the cost of development and digitisation, which will be sent back to you after it has been processed. Workshop prices also include the cost of a community n/n membership (£15 annually), which gives access to our workshops, equipment hire, studio hire (by appointment) and a reference library of books on analogue filmmaking. Existing community n/n members should use their discount code at checkout. Concessions are available; see our website for details.

Image: Lorraine Khamali